At Lyreco Intersafe, we are aware that taking action to contribute to the protection of our planet and people requires the commitment of everyone and we must act to drive progress in sustainability with our entire supply chain. Each year, we improve our long-term involvement in sustainability aiming at strengthening our commitment toward more responsible practices and ensuring we work with partners who, at least, share our concerns and ambitions.

Delivering excellence is not only about top-quality products and services, it is about ensuring that every action we take is consistent with our sustainability ambitions and meets our customers’ expectations :

  • Providing products that contribute to protecting the planet and its people
  • Ensuring ethics and compliance requirements are met wherever our suppliers, manufacturers, and partners operate
  • Minimising packaging
  • Developing sustainable processes, from ordering and delivery to product end-of-life
  • Providing employee excellence wherever we operate
  • Supporting education around the world

Our sustainability strategy covers all our activities and their impact on the planet and its people. We are also committed to communicating our progress transparently.

Our sustainability strategy

Our Sustainability strategy is built upon three pillars: planet, people and progress.It expresses our desire to reduce the impact of our activity on the planet, to have a positive impact on people, and drive progress within our entire value chain.

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Sustainability report

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Sustainable Selection Methodology  

Our “Sustainable Selection” is a progressive assessment methodology, clear and close to our long-term Sustainability Strategy, which aims to strengthen our procurement process by implementing more sustainable initiatives, actions and decisions.

The sustainable procurement process follows the ISO 20400 principles validated by SGS, and based on 3 criteria: Planet, People, and Community. The sustainable selection criteria are based on the IS0 14020 requirements.


The supplier assessment is the first mandatory criteria defined by Lyreco. It is based on the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standard.
The supplier or seller possesses a valid third-party ESG rating or certification (B-Corp or Ecovadis certification).



The product assessment is considered completed if the following two mandatory criteria are met:

  • A minimum 80% of the product packaging is made of recyclable material; AND
  • At least one of the 3 requirements of PLANET, PEOPLE, and COMMUNITY.

If the mandatory supplier and product criteria are met, then the products will be further assessed and assigned up to three of the following “Sustainable Selection” icons: