Intersafe’s history dates back to 1934 when Roel Groeneveld opened his first optician store. From that moment on, Intersafe has expanded its portfolio to meet the growing demands of different industries.

In the 1950s, the company started providing PPE for the petrochemical industry, and in 1973 we also entered this high-risk industry in Belgium. In the following years, Intersafe gradually expanded its reach to cover various industrial sectors and expanded to France by acquiring the PPE distributor Bacou in 2008.

The most differentiating innovations started in 2012 by launching the first product compliance program in 2012 and developing industry-specific workwear in 2014. In 2015, Intersafe introduced the Employee Safety Manager, an online platform that supports companies in managing their PPE and safety programs efficiently.

At the end of 2018, Intersafe was acquired by Lyreco, a leading provider of office supplies and workplace solutions. This acquisition has allowed Intersafe to expand its reach over the whole of Europe and become a specialized safety community of a one-stop-shop of solid expertise in providing workplace solutions.
After integrating Intersafe with Lyreco in the Benelux and France, the Lyreco Intersafe brand is launched gradually in all European Lyreco organizations from 2022 onwards.


To be pioneers in delivering sustainably what any workplace needs, so its people can focus on what matters most.

Our mission is to provide our customers with solutions and expertise that continuously improve the safety of their employees at work, guided by our values of excellence, passion, respect, and agility.


Our vision describes what we stand for.

Our people

At Lyreco Intersafe, we strive to provide a healthy and safe environment that makes our people feel secure, protected and cared for. We foster respect as a key value in all our practices, welcoming and supporting our diverse teams.

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Our business integrity

Beyond compliance with applicable laws and regulations, we put business integrity at the heart of the principles we share with our business partners and our people, applying zero tolerance on any form of corruption, fraud, conflict of interest, influence peddling. We also apply the highest ethical standards to the relationships our people build with our stakeholders to ensure trustful relationships based on mutual respect for integrity.


We aim to prevent and detect any ethical breach so that we can take the appropriate measures, remedy the situation, and ensure that the behaviours and actions are fully consistent with our values.

Our Raise your concern tool provides our people and external partners the opportunity to discuss, ask for advice, raise questions, share their concerns, and report any actual or potential ethical breach.


Lyreco Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics is an expression of who we are and how we do business at Lyreco. It applies in all our activities, wherever we operate, at any time. It relies on four guiding principles: our people, our business integrity, our products and assets, and our societal engagement.



Lyreco Intersafe has a zero-tolerance policy regarding product compliance in safety products. We continuously check whether the products we offer have the right documents, like valid CE certificates and correct Declarations of Conformity, both on own brand products as well as on products from our supply partners. Furthermore, we work intensively with various European notified bodies and testing labs.

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As a Lyreco company, our sustainability strategy covers all our activities and their impact on the planet and its people. We also commit to communicating transparently all of our progress.

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Envisioning the future of work is essential to providing the most appropriate and meaningful response to our customers’ needs. To provide reliable, proven solutions and ensure that you have access to the most innovative PPE and sustainable solutions, our innovation team strives to find and implement new solutions and initiatives that stimulate the creation of great working days while caring for people and the planet.

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