Lyreco Intersafe is the safety community of Lyreco. We add knowledge of safety standards and compliance requirements to safety products and workplace solutions. We can support companies with expertise on compliant, sustainable, innovative safety products, services & solutions. But what does this exactly mean?

What are Safety Services?

Our product assortment covers all types of PPE needed to protect your people from the safety risks they experience. Depending on the complexity of individualization of a product, Lyreco Intersafe offers different types of activities that support those products. Such as the fitting of safety prescription glasses, custom molded hearing, and respiratory masks. Or the maintenance of your safety equipment, measurement of insoles and customized printing and personal package of workwear.

What are Safety Solutions?

After the selection of the right products, enriched with value adding services, you still might face challenges on the management, control and costs of all types of products, services and delivery methods. Lyreco Intersafe developed comprehensive approaches, strategies, and systems designed to address the various aspects related to products and services and end-to-end processes in a more automized and integrated way. Such as the Employee Safety Manager (ESM), the Safety Equipment Manager (SEM), Vendor management, and sustainable webshops and market places.

“Based on the local needs and expertise, different countries offer various solutions. Check the local websites for more details.


The Employee Safety Manager is an online registration and ordering system that registers on an individual level which PPE is being purchased, when they need to be replaced, and the budget allocated for each individual employee.

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Why should I use the ESM?

With this online platform, you can track the entire process relating to personal protective equipment (PPE), such as clothing packages, safety and screen glasses, and customized hearing protection at an individual level. This platform gives managers insight into which employee is using which product or item and offers detailed information on the purchase date, the date of replacement, and, if applicable, the available budget per employee. Employees can order their own workwear packages online and make an appointment with the nearest optician, hearing care professional, or orthopedist. Everything is following pre-agreed agreements and guidelines within your organization. All parties are continuously informed of the progress of the process through notification e-mails. With this information, you can make sure you are compliant with Regulation (EU) 2016/425 on Personal Protective Equipment.


With the SEM you can manage the entire process of performing, updating and monitoring required inspections and maintenance in the area of:
• Fall protection;
• Respiratory protection;
• Gas detection;
• First Aid equipment and
• Fire extinguishers.

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Tell me more about the SEM

Keeping your employees working safely, in compliance with laws and regulations with timely inspected equipment, which you manage efficiently.

With the online Safety Equipment Manager, managing the inspections and maintenance of your equipment becomes a piece of cake. You register all your PPE, tools and other equipment simply and clearly in SEM’s database.

The platform provides easy insight about in which division the equipment is stored. You can also quickly see which site it is on. In addition, SEM indicates the manager responsible for each piece of equipment.

If your equipment’s inspection date listed in the system is about to expire, you will automatically receive an email alert. The Lyreco Intersafe Business Line of Lyreco provides inspection and/or maintenance of gas detection equipment, respiratory protection equipment and fall protection products. Those inspections and maintenance, but also inspections and maintenance of other equipment can be carried out by other specialists.

The results of the inspection and/or maintenance will be registered in SEM. You can also download the inspection or maintenance report of the completed inspections from SEM. SEM is suitable for managing the inspections of safety and other equipment, such as respiratory protection, fall protection, ladders, stairs and scaffolding, gas detection equipment, First Aid equipment (such as fire extinguishers and first aid kits) and electric hand tools.

The Safety Equipment Manager is suitable for anyone for whom equipment quality and safety is important. This applies to equipment subject to statutory provisions concerning inspections or calibration.

In addition, you can use SEM to record maintenance to be scheduled, visual inspections and required cleaning of respiratory protection equipment, among other things.

Furthermore, SEM is of great value if, as an organisation, you want to keep control over which equipment been inspected and/or maintained, or rejected, and if you want to link inspection reports from inspection bodies in one online platform.

Finally, SEM is the recommended platform if you want to be compliant and easily able to meet the local and international regulations like ISO.