What would you say if someone asked you to drink engineering oil or coolants?

20 June 2013

The response for most sane people would of course be “NO” yet hundreds of thousands of us do it each day without realising. How? By wearing inappropriate gloves when working with engineering oils or coolants. But why do they do it?

What would you say if someone asked you to drink engineering oil or coolants?

Contributing Factors
There are three contributing factors with the first being the behavior of people working with oils who prioritize comfort and grip over oil protection.

In a survey conducted on this subject 88% of people polled didn’t realize that oil posed a danger to their health. This lack of understanding explains why so many workers today  choose to use unsuitable light weight assembly gloves.
It shocks many when they are made aware that this exposure to mineral oil has a 30% increased risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis in later life. That’s the conclusion of an extensive study conducted in Sweden between the Rheumatology unit of the Karolinska hospital (Stockholm), the Institute of Environmental Medicine, the Department of Occupational Medicine and the Stockholm Center for Public Health. Today rheumatoid arthritis is the main cause of disability among people over fifty-five years of age in industrializedcountries. It’s an irreversible disease that affects the musculoskeletal system
and specifically the joints.

How does oil get into your body?
It gets into your body through the skin. Whilst your skin can repel water it soaks up oils through the external part of the epidermis known as the keratin layer. The keratin layer contains fat and fat like substances that readily absorbs chemicals such as oils and coolants.

Time for change?
We at ATG® certainly think it’s time for a change which is why we have developed a revolutionary new glove that’s oil repellent, yet super thin, flexible, dexterous and comfortable which we call MaxiDry®.

Think of MaxiDry® as an oil repellent MaxiFlex®. That’s how the development of this product started life because we know that the majority of people using general purpose gloves are working in an oily environment. Our showcase product in the range is the MaxiDry® 56-426 which is thinner than nearly all standard foam nitrile general purpose gloves but with the advantage of a liquid repellent layer built-in which resists oil (60cP) for >480 minutes (8 hours).

Isn’t it time you did the right thing and get the proper glove for the job?