Well protected in the petrochemical industry

02 April 2015

It started all in 2001 with one customer requesting PPE created with a specific fabric delivered by Dickies Van Moer. They tested that fabric, but was not completely convinced about the quality necessary for their wished application and warned the customer about the risk of using that fabric. The customer wanted to use it anyway and Dickies Van Moer delivered all PPE.

Well protected in the petrochemical industry

After one year the customer came back because the PPE did not seem to last. From that moment Dickies Van Moer, initiated by a personal contact, started the co-creation with Intersafe. Together they developed the Nomex® workwear and redressed all employees of the customer, which is satisfied ever since about the fabric and its development.

Voice of the customer
After the succes of many blue collars protected by Nomex® workwear, Intersafe went on continously investigating the blue collar’s needs, resulting in the development of the Contractor-line® in 2004.
Customer needs were collected  through round table sessions, personal interviews and offline and online surveys. Intersafe collected the feedback of the actual end users on topics like comfort, recognizability, pockets etc. The petrochemical industry, which is facing most of this Contractor-line workwear requirements, pointed out a higher visability was needed. After all input was collected, weighted, tested and checked with the legislation, it was decided to develop a new version of the Contractor-line.

The Executive Team of Intersafe was welcomed by the factory of Dickies van Moer in Hulshout, Belgium. During a complete tour all aspects from fabric to high end workwear was studied and discussed. At the print-department, Intersafe’s CEO Yves Pétin experiences the accuracy which is needed to deliver high quality on a logo-shirt.

After the tour Dickies van Moer presented ‘future textile possiblities’. The Intersafe Executive Team has become very excited about new developments applicable for workwear.

Do you want to discuss safety at work with the Intersafe Executive Team?
Because of the strong cooperation between Intersafe and Dickies Van Moer we are able to work efficiently and innovatively. We share experiences and learn from each other. This way of working will keep on improving safety and welfare at work and the safety culture in both companies.

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