Update additional measurements Coronavirus per March 13th

13 March 2020

The safety of our people is of the utmost importance to us. We closely monitor the situation regarding the outbreak of the new coronavirus 2019 nCoV on a daily basis. Our reference was and still is the recommendation of the World Health Organization and the recommendations of the local authorities in the countries where we are present.
Last Thursday, March 12th, the Dutch and French government announced additional measures in the fight against the further spread of the coronavirus.

Update additional measurements Coronavirus per March 13th

This affects us all. We will do our best to support limiting the spread of the corona virus. Therefore, in addition to the measures already implemented in the field of travel and hygiene, we have immediately put in place additional measures. On the basis of the recommended principles to avoid social contacts, we are following the measures recommended by the RIVM as of today as much as possible:

  • Stay at home with complaints of rhinitis, coughing, sore throat or fever. Avoid social contact. Only call a doctor if your symptoms get worse.
  • Work as much as possible from home or spread the working hours if possible.
  • We facilitate a safe working environment in line with the recommendations in our offices and warehouses as much as possible. Always ensure a safe distance both during work and breaks.
  • Try to avoid social contacts as much as possible, i.e. do not go to internal and external meetings and do not visit customers anymore. We will not receive visitors on our premises. So try to move as many physical meetings as possible to online meetings and/or phone calls.

For you, this means that we will be happy to stay in touch with you, but we will no longer receive you physically at our premises and ask you to convert your visit to or appointment with an Intersafe employee into an appointment by telephone or online as much as possible.

Since the government measures also affect events, we will inform you in the short term about the impact on our events.

The measures apply until at least 31 March 2020 or when new or additional information is communicated.

More information?

We ask for your understanding of this emergency situation and request that you coordinate with your regular Intersafe contacts in order to have a clear idea of the extent to which Intersafe will be able to meet your needs in the coming period. You can also contact us via this form.