Simplified PPE Certification Rules for the UK

21 August 2023

On the first of August, 2023, The Department for Business and Trade (DBT), which is part of the UK government, announced an indefinite extension to the use of CE marking for businesses.

This means that from now on PPE which will be sold in the UK doesn’t necessarily need the UKCA marking anymore, but is also compliant with the CE marking.

This extension will provide flexibility and choice to use either the UKCA or CE approach to sell products in Great Britain. But using UKCA is no longer required to sell PPE in the UK. This will result in a decrease of costs and time required to place products on the market for the whole PPE industry, and will benefit the end users.

This DBT decision streamlines regulations, stimulates business growth, and fosters innovation within the safety branch. It reduces compliance complexities and financial burdens.

Besides the impact on the whole safety branch, these changes will also impact our own brands within Intersafe. New Intersafe and My-T-Gear branded PPE will be compliant using the CE marking in the UK.

We’ll navigate these changes strategically, ensuring our products meet the highest standards while supporting your safety initiatives.