PPE advisor for safety and welfare at work

14 July 2014

Intersafe its Safety Sign Recognition is extended again.
The Safety Sign Certificate is published by AVAG association and is a sign of quality controlled safety and welfare at work.

PPE advisor for safety and welfare at work

With the Safety Sign certificate, SafetySign confirms that Intersafe meets the requirements of Safety Sign issues in the area of safety and health at work. SafetySign declares in this way that Intersafe has passed special training programs in the field of working conditions, health and safety, which makes them able to give professionally advice of high quality. Another condition of the certificate is offering training facilities to increase the awareness of product safety in the private and professional market.

The Safety Sign reflects a customer-oriented attitude and personal service at high level. SafetySign declares Intersafe to be an organization which deepens into your problems and connects accordingly with appropriate advice.

About the foundation SafetySign

The Foundation SafetySign (full: Company Foundation Recognition for Safety, Health and Welfare at work) is an independent foundation. Purpose is to visualize safety and health at work.  Therefore SafetySign uses some recognizable labels. The Safety Sign may only be used by companies that are recognized by the Foundation Company Recognition for Safety, Health and Welfare at work and covers a wide range of products. The companies that are continuously Safety Sign Certificate conduct controlled, so you are always sure of the quality, craftsmanship and service of your supplier in the field of safety equipment. For more information about the Safety Sign Certificate check: www.safetysign.nl