No better use than recycling!

03 March 2014

In recent years there has been increasing attention to corporate social responsibility (CSR). A growing number of companies reflects on the fact that our environment is not unlimited. Therefore, companies chose, where possible, sustainable products and solutions. With the supply of recycled toilet paper,Intersafe her contributes to a healthier environment.

No better use than recycling!

Recycling products is not new in itself, but until recently it was not possible to recycle Tetra ® packaging. This was due to the unique composition of the beverage and food packaging: these are on average 74 % paper , 22% polyethylene and 4% aluminum. In this composition recycling was simply impossible, so Tetra ® packs were are incinerated or landfilled. The Lucart -group , however, has developed a process by which the paper in the Tetra ® packaging is separated from its polyethylene / aluminum component. The cellulose fibers are then used for the production of the Eco Natural Lucart – line , while the polyethylene – aluminum combination is processed by the other branches of the industry as raw material.

Now available at Intersafe
With Eco Natural Lucart you choose paper that is recycled in a unique way. As a result, the high-quality properties of the cellulose fibers will be remained, while the product remains at the same time very reasonably priced. Thus, the porduct is good for not only the environment but also for your wallet. When you choose Primp cleaning paper, you are choosing for sustainable products. This super strong, 3 layered cleaning paper is made ​​from 100% recycled material and is perfect for industrial use.

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