New Lyreco Group CSR annual report

30 October 2020

As a member of the United Nations Global Compact since 2004, the Lyreco Group publishes its Corporate Social Responsibility report every year.

As the United Nations celebrates its 75th anniversary and the UN Global Compact celebrates its 20th anniversary, Lyreco has renewed its commitment to the UN Global Compact for the 16th consecutive year.
Learn more about Lyreco’s commitment to more responsible growth in its annual Corporate Social Responsibility report.
This report details how Lyreco supports its customers in their commitment to greener workplaces and how Lyreco engages all its employees to adopt sustainable practices in their daily activities.
For example, you will learn how Lyreco has reduced its CO2 emissions by 19.3% and how green products account for more than 40% of its sales.

Our clients aim to provide their employees with a working environment that makes a tangible contribution to people and the environment.
Achieving excellence means ensuring that all the measures we take to satisfy our customers are carried out in the most sustainable way possible.
Discover the latest actions of the Lyreco Group in this year’s report.

Download here the CSR report Lyreco 2020