Intersafe is challenged at slippery Agrati

24 March 2014

Last week, Agrati France welcomed the Intersafe Group Executive Team at their largest logistic centre and factory based in Vieux-Condé. During their visit, the team experienced Agrati’s daily challenges on the slippery floor and risk of metal cutting in the factory.

Intersafe is challenged at slippery Agrati

After a professional and clear presentation of Agrati’s director Mr. Martel, the plant was shown to the team. Safety officer Mme De Wever, the Purchase responsible Mme Magnan and Nurse Mme Heuilleshowed the team the plant. This plant is the largest in France and part of the European Italian based Agrati company. Agrati works exclusively for a few brands within the automotive industry creating automotive pieces like screws and bolts. Unless this seems easy products, Agrati faces a daily high standard of safety necessity. Just imagine what happens if a tire isn’t well fixed…

Daily challenges
The team faced a lot of different risks like cutting, hazardous substances, noise, oil etc. Because the production of nuts and bolds needs oil,  leaking oil   makes the floor is extremely slippery. Of course Agrati started to solve this issue at the source (production machines) and by cleaning the floor at least four times per day. Nevertheless the floor is still very slippery, so Intersafe brings her expertise to find out the best solution.

Wearing comfort
To decrease the cutting risk, Agrati and Intersafe are also in discussion to find the best solution for the gloves. The best aren’t experienced by the employees automatically as the safest. Besides, this kind of PPE always faces issues with comfort. But the most comfortable gloves aren’t automatically the safest, so Intersafe provides wear-tests at the factory for employees to come to the best fitting solution.

Daily kick off ‘Safety at Work’
In every part of the plant you will find spaces with billboards providing safety and productivity information. So this information is continously accesible for all employees and discussed every week to improve the safety and quality awareness.

Do you want to discuss with Intersafe’s Executive Team?
By having an open discussion about PPE and Safety Awareness on a daily basis, Agrati and Intersafe increase the Safety culture among all employees and develop innovative solutions to optimize the safety and wellfare of their employees at work.
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