Intersafe -a Lyreco company-

16 June 2021

Following Lyreco’s acquisition of Intersafe in 2019, we have been working hard behind the scenes to identify synergies and shape Intersafe, now as -a Lyreco company-. The goal is clear, to strengthen and expand our knowledge and expertise in personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety across Europe.

new intersafe logo

How will we realize this?

As a Lyreco organisation, Intersafe provides integrated expert solutions for every individual safety issue in high-risk environments wherever our customers in Europe are active. This means that in European countries where Lyreco is active, we will strengthen the knowledge of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and safe working practices with the long-standing knowledge and expertise of the Intersafe teams in the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Intersafe logo

The ‘Intersafe brand’ remains and will therefore be visible throughout Europe. Intersafe remains the logo, recognised as the safety expert with a modified font inspired by the Lyreco logo while retaining its own personality. The two circles of the former Intersafe logo are shaped like a spiral that expresses the integral and continuously improved protection and sense of security.

Renewed logo, renewed proposition

Renewed proposition

Intersafe is recognized for her knowledge in the field of safe and healthy work. With a carefully selected range of PPE from leading suppliers and our own brands, where we always check whether they comply with European laws and regulations, we contribute to the safety of people at their workplace.

GREAT2026: Accelerate Safety

A renewed proposition does not only mean a new look & feel. From the Lyreco strategy, we as Intersafe give substance to one of the five pillars on which the GREAT2026 strategy is based. The pillar ‘Accelerate Safety’. In other words, make sure that Intersafe develops as the market leader in Europe in the field of safe and healthy working. Using the extensive Lyreco network and the added value that Intersafe can offer in terms of knowledge and total solutions in the field of personal fitting to delivery. And the services in the field of maintenance and timely replacement of safety products and tools in combination with an always carefully selected range of PPE from A-grade suppliers and our own brands. Products that are always checked to make sure they comply with European legislation and have the necessary certificates.
It is our vision that protecting the safety and health of employees contributes to the improvement of organisations.

What will be the organizational structure?

Eventually there will be an Intersafe Business Line in each European country (or country combination) that can make use of the network and tools, such as a modern webshop, to deliver the same wide range of safety equipment to you. Depending on the location, this will be set up by having both existing organisations work together intensively or by training and setting up a ‘Safety department’ at an already existing local Lyreco organisation.

What’s in it for me?

From its headquarters in the Netherlands, the Intersafe Safety Business Unit will support the local organisations with overarching services such as training, the Employee Safety Manager platform and the introduction of innovative products and own brand products to the European market.

As an Intersafe customer you will keep your regular contact person and access to your agreed product range and services. Ultimately, you will have one partner for everything to do with your workplace. Whether this is in an industrial environment with high risks or in an office environment. Whether you need advice on working at height or on-site fitting of insoles for safety shoes, we are there for you and offer you the ordering and delivery process that suits you best.

Do you have any questions?

The team of ‘Intersafers’ is committed and always looking for a solution to let employees work safely and to optimise your business processes. Would you like to know what we can do for you? Then contact your Customer Service representative via the contact form, telephone 31 (0)78 618 14 00 or by e-mail to