Replacing filters has never been easier

15 June 2021

Are you a safety officer who works in an industrial environment? Then you are certainly dealing with employees who change jobs to a less loud or noisy work environment while still in need of custom made hearing protection (CMHP).

Situations such as these call for the Elacin Filter Box, a compact and self to compile box, with which currently used RC filters can be quickly replaced with a different RC filter type.
All depending on the new work situation and prevailing noise level. Replacing filters has never been easier.

Situations in which filter change may be appropriate

  • Filters attenuate too much or too little for specific noise level and work environment.
  • Current filters are lost, broken or damaged.
  • Workers are re-assigned to a workplace with a different noise level.


  • Time saving: simple exchange of filter types, depending the situation and noise level
  • Easy: on-site filter replacement – no more after service, hearing protection
  • direct available after filter change without intervention by Elacin
  • Flexible filter selection: only buy the filters you want
  • Cost efficient: only buy the quantities you need
  • Sustainable: in sturdy leave-at-your-desk-box

Content Filter Box Elacin RC – the Next Generation

The Elacin Filter Box is offered in combination with Elacin RC filters. Depending on the prevailing sound levels, you only buy the filters you want – choose from 7 types – and the quantities you need. One box allows for a minimum of 6 filter sets and a maximum of 30 filter sets and includes a filter exchange tool and clear instruction.

Learn all about the advantages of Elacin RC Next Generation filters.

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