Co-created – Tricorp – DA Inside – Intersafe

18 April 2016

We proudly present to you: Co-created! The Co-created line is the result of a collaboration between Tricorp, Intersafe Groeneveld and the circular textile company Dutch Awearness. Together, they have set the objective to accommodate a part of Intersafe Groeneveld’s Infra-line to the circular economy in order to reduce textile waste. Since then, the partners take joint responsibility for the products and the production process. Intersafe Groeneveld invites you to make the world a better place with us, where there is no room for waste. The products are made in factories that maintain good working conditions. Our way of working emits less CO2. Together with you, we want to close the loop, by making a chain where material waste does not exist.

Co-created - Tricorp - DA Inside - Intersafe

How do we do that?

After using the clothes, the clothes will be taken back by Dutch Awearness and returned to the chain. The clothes are shredded to fibres, which are then melt and used to make yarns and cloth again. The fabric is the raw material for new clothes with the DA Inside label.

To achieve these objectives, we have imported the products that we wanted to make circular into our Circular Content Management System (CCMS). The data collected was related to materials (“bills of materials”), products, energy, water, transport, working conditions and the profiles of manufacturers in the production chain. Following the above data and the performed tests on the raw material, the fabric could be characterized as “Infinity”, indicating that the material is fully recyclable and that the entire production is transparent. By using Infinity and data from CCMS, the label DA Inside can be added to the workwear, because the entire chain is revealed. To continuously make our products more sustainable, we continue to innovate and we gladly invite you to join our journey to new circular clothing.

What is the difference between Co-created – DA Inside and normal clothes?

Intersafe Groeneveld, Tricorp, Dutch Awearness and their supply chain partners jointly take responsibility for the products they create together. This means that the performance and standards that the customer wants meet the strict guidelines of the label, even if the workwear has been shipped. If desired, it is also possible to obtain washing and repair services. In addition, we ensure that the clothing after use is retrieved. This will save you the usual waste costs.

The workwear has the same look and feel you know from the Infra-line. The Co-created clothing obviously satisfies the same safety standards as the clothing from the Infra-line. Via CCMS, the clothing is checked at every stage with track and trace technology. If you scan the QR code on the clothing, you can see the history of the product and the materials used. All the clothes that Intersafe Groeneveld offers under the name Co-created – DA Inside is made according to the principles of the circular economy. The products are Fair Wear certified and made from Infinity fabrics. The sustainable clothing is made for reuse on the same level and the partners make use of high quality materials.

Do you want to be the change you want to see in the world?