BSCI Footprint nº3 – Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace

13 June 2013

As an active member of BSCI (Business Social Compliance InitiativeIntersafe continously improves her Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.
We are happy to spread the word ‘BSCI celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2013!’ Every month they take a closer look at one important labour related issue and illustrate how challenges can be overcome and how companies have achieved progress. Illustrating its commitment towards improving working conditions in factories and farms worldwide, they herewith provide us their relevant information.

BSCI Footprint nº3 - Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace

Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace

According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), more than 2 million people die around the world due to work-related accidents or diseases, every year. 317 million accidents occur on the job every year, leading to absences from the work. The recent and dramatic situation in Bangladesh reminds us of the vital importance of improving Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) conditions, not only in the sphere of influence of the production site but also in all related aspects, including infrastructure. In addition to the responsibilities governmental authorities and other local stakeholders have in this context, responsibility should be taken at each level of the supply chain, and at each level, preventive measures can be adopted.
Taking preventive actions can save lives as well as money. It also consolidates a culture of business that is reliable and sustainable. Organisations must ensure that the maximum is done to prevent harm to the people working for them, directly or indirectly, regardless of general risks from hazardous activities. Accidents at work can hamper the economic viability of companies concerned, affecting the end clients’ reputation. In this issue of the BSCI Footprint, the Chinese shoe producer Chin Wang Polyfoam, will tell us how it worked with BSCI participant ESPRIT to improve OHS conditions in its premises. Read more…