Our ambition is to help our customers maximize their safety performance in a compliant and cost-efficient manner. To achieve this, we have developed the Integral Safety & Health Circle. This circle suggests the steps you can take to achieve a safe and productive working environment.

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Baseline measurement

Determine the level and diversity of risks.

Specification and selection

Determine which PPE is needed.

Ordering and issuing process

Right PPE, right time, right place, for the right person.

Instruction, testing and maintenance

Make sure the PPE is correctly worn and maintained.

Culture and behaviour

Working safely requires more than just the right PPE.

Baseline measurement

How do you ensure a continuous safe and healthy working environment for you and your employees? The baseline measurement is intended to identify any health and safety risks of employees within the organization. Based on the analysis, the required selection of PRM for the task in question in a particular work environment can be determined.

Intersafe collaborates with RPS to carry out risk analyses and inventories as well as research into hazardous substances.

RPS has certified occupational hygienists, safety specialists and occupational & organisational experts at its disposal, as well as its own laboratories belonging to the Dutch top in occupational hygiene, environmental technology and asbestos research.

Together with RPS, we actively look for ways to make complex matters easier..

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Specification and selection

The individual risk depends on the task the employee performs at a specific location, which environmental factors play a role and of course which personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn.

The RI&E therefore serves as a starting point for the specification and selection of personal protective equipment.

The choice for the right PPE is then determined by the combination of processes, people and systems within your organization.

For example, PPE such as safety helmets, gloves and dust masks with a relatively short lifespan must be quickly available on site and have a trend in decreasing numbers based on environmental factors. Intersafe also has a suitable solution for personal items such as custom-made or printed work clothing or, for example, safety shoes with orthopaedic soles.

Our product range includes all types of PPE, safety equipment and hygiene products to protect your people from the safety risks to which they are exposed. Take a look at our webshop and request a login.

Ordering and issuing process

Employee Safety Manager (size bounded PPE)

To ensure that the right PPE is delivered to the right person at the right time, Intersafe has developed a number of innovative ordering methods and logistics channels. By involving end users in the ordering and delivery process, we can greatly contribute to the acceptance of PPE and the willingness to wear it. The online platform Employee Safety Manager (Size bounded PPE) allows you to order and deliver parcels per employee.

Employee Safety Manager (glasses)

With the Employee Safety Manager, you can carry out and track the entire order process for correction goggles and monitor goggles online. Your employees can have glasses fitted and delivered both on location and to the service network, within the conditions you specify. Everyone is continuously informed of the progress of the process via notification e-mails.

Employee Safety Manager
Instruction, testing and maintenance

How do you ensure that employees wear the prescribed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) correctly? A personal protective equipment only achieves its goal if it is worn and maintained correctly. With specific education and training on how to wear, maintain and clean a personal protective equipment, you can ensure that PPE is used correctly and safely. In addition, we offer a professional option for on-site Face Fit testing to ensure that a mask is properly closed and maintained.

Performing, keeping up-to-date and insightful the required inspections and maintenance of work equipment, FAFS equipment and PPE can be done more efficiently with the online tool MatMan. Take a look at the website and request more information.

Culture and behaviour

Wearing PPE is one thing, working safely requires something more. Together with you, we work on increasing safety awareness and changing behaviour. We achieve this through, among other things, various innovative possibilities such as toolboxes, workshops, with or without actors, e-learning, virtual reality experiences and a SafetyApp.

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