Unnoticed, we sit (too) much behind a screen. In recent years there has been a sharp increase in screen work, the number of hours of screen time and exposure to blue light has grown significantly. Especially for people with an office job where it is self-evident that they perform screen work, screen time can even amount to more than 8 hours per day. This is where screen glasses can be very valuable (more on this later).

After all, it is not the case that we stop using screens after 8 hours of work. We are constantly switching devices (smartphone, laptop, monitor, TV, projection screens, etc.). Even before going to bed, we often check the latest news, social media or our inbox.

The fact that our eyes sometimes spend more than 8 hours a day looking at a screen and therefore have to endure an enormous amount of blue light, you can perhaps imagine that this is not conducive to your eyes.

In addition, you can adopt an incorrect sitting posture from which complaints can arise. In this article we explain more about the consequences and what you can do to prevent this by using computer glasses.

Blue light and computer glasses with a blue light filter

What is blue light?

There are 2 types of blue light, namely: natural blue light also called blue turquoise light and artificial blue light, or blue violet light. The natural blue light comes for the most part from the sun. This blue turquoise light makes the sky appear blue as seen from earth. It regulates our biological clock and therefore our sleep rhythm and it indicates the difference between day and night.

Artificial blue-violet light is the light that results from screens: smartphone, laptop, computer, TV, projection screens etc. This artificial blue light is much stronger and contains more energy making it harmful to your eyes when exposed for a long time.

What are the consequences of too long exposure to blue light from screen work and how do computer glasses protect your eyes?

There are a number of risks associated with prolonged exposure to blue light that you should take into account. Below is an overview.

Disturbed sleep

Continuous exposure to blue light causes the production of melatonin to be inhibited. Melatonin is a substance in your brain that is supposed to make you sleepy. Too long exposure to blue light (especially in the evening) disrupts the sleep rhythm because not enough melatonin can be produced. This makes it harder to fall asleep, you sleep less and you do not wake up rested.

Physical and psychological complaints

In addition to the fact that exposure to blue light disrupts the sleep cycle, prolonged exposure due to screen work can also cause symptoms (Ipsos, 2014) such as:

Fatigued eyes Irritated eyes
Neck and shoulder pain Dense – blurry vision
Back pain Red eyes
Headaches Sore eyes
Sickness pain Burning eyes
Dry eyes Burden from screen scratching
Difficulty looking into the distance Dizziness
Tranching eyes Concentration problems
Table 1 – possible complaints. Source: (Ipsos, 2014)

Retinal aging

In the most severe cases, blue light (just like UV light for that matter) can affect your retina. This can lead to inflammation of the eye’s conjunctiva and/or cornea.

How can Intersafe monitor glasses help you?

Screen glasses are glasses that are specially made for when using a screen, whether it’s a smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc. Do you already wear glasses (or lenses)? Then a pair of prescription screen glasses will be custom made just for you. Our skilled opticians take into account the working distance and posture when looking at and reading a screen.

They also consider whether static work behind a desk is involved or whether you also want to wear the monitor glasses during, for example, meetings to be able to look at a projector or during a tour of the factory where computer screens are increasingly used. This determines the type of glass and even the way the glasses are placed in the frame. Our opticians take all these aspects into account when putting together your perfect pair of monitor glasses.

Blue Light Filter

As mentioned earlier, screens emit harmful blue-violet light. In order to prevent this light from reaching your eyes, a blue light filter can be placed in the lenses of your monitor glasses, regardless of whether the lenses have a certain power or not. This blue light filter neutralizes the blue-violet light and gives the eyes more rest. The filter also provides more contrast.

The benefits of prescription monitor glasses

The fact that the lenses of monitor glasses are custom made gives you a number of benefits:

Your eyes have to strain less

Because the lenses of the glasses are custom made and precisely matched to your eyes, your eyes don’t have to exert as much effort, making them less likely to tire.

Get a good posture

Many people complain of neck, back and shoulder pain from prolonged screen work. By using a pair of customized computer glasses, you can reduce and/or eliminate (part of) these complaints. Because the lenses of these glasses are made to strength, you will have to adopt the correct posture to be able to see your screen sharply. In this way, the glasses can, as it were, ensure that you automatically adopt a correct working posture.

If you experience extreme physical complaints due to your work posture, then the use of computer glasses in combination with the correct adjustment of your desk and chair is highly recommended. Please ask your Intersafe contact person for more information.

Screen glasses without prescription

For people who need prescription glasses, the glasses are custom made. However, this does not mean that there is no solution for people who do not need prescription lenses. In addition to prescription screen glasses, there are also screen glasses without prescription. In some cases, the working distance and body posture during computer work are also examined extensively. And whether the wearer works continuously at a desk behind a monitor or, for example, regularly takes part in meetings or makes a tour of the factory.

A blue light filter can also be fitted in the non-powered monitor glasses in order, among other things, to inhibit the production of melatonin as little as possible and to protect your eyes from prolonged exposure to blue-violet light.

So why specifically an Intersafe screen glasses?

Hopefully you now know how screen glasses work, what they are for and what they can do for you and your eyes. But why then should you specifically choose Intersafe? A good question, one we’d be happy to answer!

Transparent pricing

We are always transparent about the costs of our personal protective equipment (PPE) and of course we are also transparent about our monitor glasses. We offer a wide range of frames and lenses (lenses), from single to progressive lenses suitable for screen work.

Measuring and delivery of display screen glasses

Both the measuring and the adjustment of your computer glasses can be done on location by our own Intersafe optician. This way you can continue working and we will come to you. And, of course, we will not leave before you are 100% satisfied. Would you rather do it in your own time? Of course you can! We have a large service network of opticians who will be happy to receive you for the fitting and adjustment of your monitor glasses.

Using the Employee Safety Manager for the computer screen glasses (ESM)

The Employee Safety Manager is an online ordering and registration platform that registers on an individual level which PPE has been purchased (this includes display screen glasses), when it needs replacing and what the conditions of your organization are. Through the use of spectacles and by degradation of e.g. UV radiation, the coating of the lenses is affected. In addition, your eyes may deteriorate with age. For these reasons we recommend to replace the glasses after 3 years. By seeing everything in one overview via the ESM, you know exactly when a new pair of glasses needs to be fitted! Read more about the benefits of the ESM via the button below.

Read more about the benefits of the ESM

Interested in display screen glasses?

After reading all this, are you interested in Intersafe display screen glasses? Or would you like to have more information about the reimbursement of computer screen glasses by your employer? Please feel free to contact us. From our large service network we are of course happy to help and guide you to the right glasses.

Would you still like some information on prescription spectacles?

Are you not quite sure if a pair of prescription spectacles suits you, which pair you should have or would you like some more information on ‘Blue Light filters’? Then we are of course also ready for you. Go to our contact page and we will help you!