Intersafe offers a wide range of safety glasses including prescription safety glasses. These glasses provide wearing comfort and protection for every employee. Our prescription safety glasses comply with the EN 166:2001 standard for safety glasses.

When do you need prescription safety glasses?

In many work situations, the eyes may be exposed to different types of hazards, where injuries to the eyes may occur. Common risks include:

  • mechanical risks such as bumps, flying particles at high speed, dust, splinters, perforation by sharp or pointed objects;
  • thermal risks such as liquid metal particles, cryogenic liquids or ice particles;
  • radiation risks such as in welding operations by IR and UV radiation, laser radiation, heat radiation, ionizing radiation or solar radiation or by
  • chemical risks such as corrosive or toxic dust particles, liquids, gases, vapors or aerosols.
  • Based on the Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E), the right and most effective safety glasses are recommended to protect you from possible impacts.

Lifespan of safety glasses

The lifetime of prescription safety glasses is mainly determined by the severity of the hazard, the number of times the glasses are exposed to the hazard and the workplace conditions of the wearer of the glasses.

Potential damage can be caused by scratches on the lenses. Another hazard lies in exposure to UV radiation and other conditions that trigger the aging process. As a result, the protective effect is reduced.

Replacement of prescription glasses

To prevent eye complaints and to ensure optimum safety, we recommend that an eye measurement be carried out every year to ensure that you and/or your employees are wearing the correct prescription safety glasses.

The Working Conditions Decree states in Article 8.3 that the necessary replacement of personal protective equipment must take place in good time in order to ensure that it offers the right protection. Intersafe prescription safety glasses should be replaced every 3 years.

You can have your employees measured at an optician of your choice within our wide network of approximately 800 opticians throughout the Netherlands and Belgium or at your location.

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If you choose for on-site fitting, one of our sales engineers will visit you to measure your prescription safety glasses.

Will my employer reimburse my safety glasses?

According to the Working Conditions Act, employers should provide personal protective equipment to employees free of charge. Good to know is that this applies not only to the standard PPE that is provided, but also to the protective equipment that must be adapted to the user. This therefore also includes safety goggles. The safety glasses should therefore indeed be reimbursed by the employer.

However, the employer will normally first conduct an RI&E (risk assessment and evaluation) which must show that the safety glasses (with prescription lenses) will help to eliminate the dangers that may arise at the workplace.

If the investigation shows that the employees would benefit from safety glasses, custom-made or otherwise, the employer must provide them. Please note that such glasses must comply with the required certifications (EN-166). Intersafe is the right place for certified eyewear that can easily be ordered by the employee through the Employee Safety Manager.

How do I order prescription safety glasses?

The registration of prescription glasses for each employee can easily be done through the Employee Safety Manager. This tool allows the entire order process and replacement to be efficiently arranged and tracked online. Would you like more information on how to order prescription safety glasses? Then contact us below and we will be happy to help you.

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