MSA has been a global leader in the production of industrial head and face protection for more than 50 years. When the needs of helmet wearers are in question, it follows market trends closely.

Trends head- and face protection

In recent years, MSA has noticed that companies have been developing more stringent safety policies. One of the results is, for example, that safety experts more often run tests in which employees try out the products. In order to identify users’ needs, the development of the new V-Gard 900 helmet series involved more than 350 individual users, from more than 250 companies from different market segments (oil, gas & petrochemical industry, construction and utilities) and of different sizes (from independent craftsmen to multinationals).

The selection is not only about comfort, but often also about wearing attractive and stylish equipment. Special colours and reflective stickers with company logos or departments/functions are increasingly in demand for helmets.

In addition, employees are dealing more frequently with another observed trend: they are more often faced with a larger number of activities as flexibility increases, to support other production steps or departments. Many companies are interested in helmets with integrated eye/face protection to reduce the number of pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) and to increase safety by always having protection at hand. There is increasing recognition of the value of chin straps to increase the stability of helmets, especially when working at height.

Summer v. winter

In addition, customers are increasingly asking for solutions to limit employees’ heat stress during the hot summer months. And when temperatures drop below zero, more and more customers are looking for approved winter liners that can be combined with a helmet. Awareness is growing that incorrect combinations of PPE can lead to reduced protection. If a combination of head, eye, face, respiratory and/or hearing protection is to be worn, safety coordinators often ask for documentation to demonstrate compatibility.

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