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Since its introduction, the 3M 4000 Series has been the first choice 3M reusable respirator by health & safety managers across Europe(1). With no parts assembly or maintenance required this simple, lightweight, well balanced respirator offers reliable respiratory protection against a range of gases, vapours and particulates typically found in a variety of industries. A unique bonded carbon technology allows the respirator to sit close to the face and fit well under many other types of protective equipment.


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3M™ 4000 Series Respirator (try out for free)

The 4000 series is a unique range of respirators with integral filters designed for effective and comfortable protection against many gases, vapours and combination particulate hazards found throughout industry. Maintenance free design for maximum safety and simplicity

  • No maintenance records are required if disposed of within one month
  • Replace after 28 days or when damaged, breathing resistance increases or breakthrough occurs, whichever occurs first
  • 2 large bonded carbon filters for low breathing resistance
  • low profile design for better peripheral vision
  • Low resistance parabolic valve to reduce heat build-up
  • Soft/Non-allergenic face piece material
  • Lightweight and well balanced design
  • Cradle head harness
  • Easy to fasten neck strap

Approval: CE marked

3M 4251 Organic Vapour and Particulate Respirator

  • FFA1P2R D Gases/Vapours
  • 10xWEL* or 1000ppm whichever is lower
  • Particulates:10xWEL*

3M 4255 Organic Vapour and Particulate Respirator

  • FFA2P3R D Gases/Vapours
  • 10xWEL* or 5000ppm whichever is lower
  • Particulates: 20xWEL*

3M 4277 Organic Vapour/Inorganic and Acid Gas/Particulate Respirator

  • FFABE1P3R D Gases/Vapours
  • 10xWEL* or 1000ppm whichever is lower
  • Particulates:20xWEL*

3M 4279 Organic Vapour, Inorganic and Acid Gas, Ammonia and Particulate Respirator

  • FFABEK1P3R D Gases/Vapours
  • 10xWEL* or 1000ppm whichever is lower
  • Particulates: 20xWEL*


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(1) Based on sales of 3M reusable respirators in Europe Middle East and Africa between 2010 and 2013.

*WEL – Workplace Exposure Limit