Frequently Asked Questions
Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions for opticians.

Relation number isn’t present on the order form?
Search (partly) for the company name. In the case that isn’t in the system either, then it’s not possible to place the order in the Employee Safety Manager. Please contact Intersafe in the Netherlands via Customer Service employee via 📧 or 📞 +31 (0)78 618 14 00 and in Belgium via 📧 or 📞 +32 (0)15 44 82 26.

What is my password?
Enter the correct e-mail address. If the password is unknown, you can request a new password by clicking on the link [Forgot Password?] at the bottom of the login screen.

E-mail address of the customer doesn’t work?
The system operates with an unique email addresses. This means that it’s not possible to place an order under the same two email addresses. So fill in his or her unique e-mail address per person.

What does a “profile” mean?
Each company has its own company policy. This could mean that each employee is supposed to wear the same frame and that no anti-reflection or no tinted lenses may be chosen. The frames from which wearers can choose from are assigned to the profile of the company. Other options are not possible.

The wearer choose a frame that may not be ordered by the respective employer?
It’s important to fill in the order in the Employee Safety Manager when the wearer is present in the store. Fill in the following information together with the wearer:

  • Phone numbers
  • Date of birth
  • E-mail address

When you take the eye measurement and immediately enter this into the Employee Safety Manager, all possible frames within the company profile are instantly displayed on screen. This way the wearer cannot choose a frame that isn’t allowed to be ordered.

Frame or lens choice is limited or no longer complete?

  1. It is possible that not the entire collection of frames/models are displayed when a choice of frame has to be made. The Employee Safety Manager calculates based on entered lens strength and pupil distance (PD) the optimal choices for the frame collection
  2. The customer has a “profile” selection in their company policy that allowed for a limited choice in frames or lenses.
  3. The profile is not tailored to the specific wishes of the customer. Contact the Intersafe Customer Service in the Netherlands via 📧 or 📞 +31 (0)78 618 14 00 or in Belgium via 📧 or 📞 +32 (0)15 44 82 26 to check and assign the customer specific profile.

When can a choice be made “outside of the profile”?
In case wearer:

  • Has thinned glasses;
  • Has a frame that is not assigned by the company profile or

Wishes to have a color tint or anti-reflection without company approval.

How can I still order a frame or lens “outside of the profile”?
If there are special circumstances in which an exception must be made for the spectacle wearer. Click on the red button [Go Out of profile]. This button is located on the page “order glasses” at step 1. Follow the indicated steps, if the exception is approved you can order glasses outside of the profile. Please note that the submitted order must be approved by the company manager/purchaser.

Frame or lens is damaged, what do I do?
The complete set with the frame and lenses including relevant data like the name of the company and the name of the glasses wearer must be send by using the Intersafe shipping bag. See Warranty conditions for glasses.

Can I also use the Employee Safety Manager on a Tablet or Smartphone?
Yes, it is possible to use the Employee Safety Manager via different web browsers. Login works via the usual method.

Customer is in the store and requests and update for his/her order?
The status of the order can be checked online in the Employee Safety Manager. When logged in you will one of the different status possibilities under the button “Order Overview” per order. Below you will find the possible statuses explained:

Possible statuses

  • New – Order is made by customer manager
  • Created – Order is filled and ordered by optician
  • Waiting for approval – Manager of customer has to approve the order
  • Accepted- Order is received and processed by Intersafe
  • Cancelled – Order is cancelled by the customer manager
  • Rejected – Proposal of “out of profile” order is rejected by customer manager.
  • In production – Order is in production
  • Produced – Quality check for order
  • Delivered – Glasses are send from Intersafe
  • Invoiced – Order is invoiced to the customer manager.
  • Waiting for order form – Intersafe is waiting for the paper order form by optician

Other questions?

Contact the Intersafe Customer Service in the Netherlands via 📧 or 📞 +31 (0)78 618 14 00 or in Belgium via 📧 or 📞 +32 (0)15 44 82 26.