Het Intersafe Group Executive Team, onder leiding van CEO Yves Petin, verbreed voortdurend haar kennis en ervaring op het gebied van veiligheid. In het algemeen, maar ook bij haar klanten. Dit was ENSOSP, de Franse school voor 25.000 professionele en vrijwillige brandweerlieden in Frankrijk, Vitrolles, een goede gelegenheid het Intersafe Executive Team uit te nodigen om hun centrum te bezoeken en hen de brandweertraining 'in het echt' te laten ervaren.

De Franse ENSOSP heet het Executive Team van Intersafe welkom

Intersafe’s office in Vitrolles provides critical equipment for this unique national training centre of professional firefighters officers. This high risk training organization has special attention from Intersafe experts, to help making sure all equipment is safe and ready on time.

Commandant Bartolotti explained to the team all the details of this very special training centre. The ENSOSP demonstrated how they continuously improve their best practices.

Intersafe’s Executive Team also visited the Group gas detection and respiratory competence centre, also located in Vitrolles. ‘A world of knowledge and expertise’ confirms Yves Pétin, CEO of Intersafe. We are committed to provide to our customers our solutions and expertise to continuously improve the safety and welfare of their employees at work. ENSOSP proves again to be such an example of what we can do for our customers“