Service Department

Good maintenance is vital! Respiratory protection products, gas meters and fall protection must be inspected and / or maintained periodically . Intersafe has its own workshop with certified employees who can do this for you.

The advantage of the Intersafe workshop is that you can go to one single office for your safety matters. This is not only easy, but also cost effective. Intersafe is certified for a large number of various brands. All maintained materials are registered by us so we can inform you on the state of protective means and the expected maintenance costs. You can also fully outsource the maintenance of your ppe to us. Keeping safety equipment that should be periodically inspected up to date, usually takes organizations much time. This can be done more efficiently; Intersafe uses web-based management software to manage your safety equipment which offers you insight into upcoming re-examinations and the next inspection date. You can also download the report of the last inspection.