The warranty period for Elacin custom earplugs is four years (covering fit, suppression, product, material and manufacturing defects). Intersafe recommends that safety eyewear be replaced every three years. If the frame or and/or lenses is/are damaged then this must be done at once.

All employees who have been tested for safety eyewear or custom earplugs will be recorded in our automated system. Based on an individual identification number Intersafe records the user’s name, date of supply, filter type (for custom earplugs) and glasses specification (for eyewear). This enables us to refer to a list of wearers at the customer’s request. Intersafe will the inform customers which custom earplugs require replacement.

A list is also available for eyewear which id due for replacement based on the original date of supply. Your administration department will have less work as a result in keeping track of warranty periods for custom earplugs and safety glasses. It makes a difference in time spent which gives you a cost saving.