If there is a vacancy at Intersafe you will find it on the website. Are you interested? If so, please send us your resumé and your reasons for applying. After that you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt. If you have attached a letter supporting your application, it will be assessed by the personnel affairs department first. After that your application will be discussed with the relevant managers. You will hear within 1 week whether you are to be invited for an interview.

You have been invited for an interview

The first interview is with the line manager and often with the personnel affairs department was well. At this interview we will tell you more about Intersafe, the vacancy and we will discuss your experience and prospects. In the event of a positive outcome there is always a second interview, with the departmental manager in any case as well as an immediate colleague or a manager from the department with whom you will be working closely. For some positions an assessment will also be administered by an outside agency. If you have completed this application process successfully, we will make you an offer and hope to welcome you shortly as a colleague.

You have been unsuccessful

Unfortunately we were of the opinion that your background does not match this vacancy. You will receive a rejection letter from us. You can always contact us again for a further explanation. We will keep your details for 1 year so we can approach you if another vacancy arises which is more suitable for you. We will destroy your data after 1 year.