Intersafe Academy

Talent management is a significant section within our organisation; Intersafe employees make the difference with our customers. This enables us to maintain and continue to expand our current position as market leader in the complex market for personal protective equipment.

The market for personal protective equipment is evolving constantly. As a result ever more is being asked of the organisation and of our employees. Intersafe has responded to this with the Intersafe Academy, an in-house training institute that secures our employees’ product and process knowledge through education and training courses. In order to optimise the level of service we provide even further, we are also professionalising our organisation and strategy at a European level, as specialists in the field of working safely.

The current training offer is aimed at:

  • Health & safety legislation
  • Products
  • Processes and programmes
  • Working proactively and efficiently (e.g. ‘Training Time Management’)

These education and training courses are provided by both in-house and outside trainers who are themselves trained to various levels. Our experienced product managers know everything about our products and our safety experts know their way around health & safety legislation.

Digital tests are conducted in order to safeguard continuity and quality among our employees.

In addition to the Intersafe Academy their is also room for individual education and training such as attending a (post) higher vocational education course.

Multifaceted and dynamic developments make Intersafe a particularly fine employer, where motivated employees find extensive opportunities for development. We believe it is important that someone should derive pleasure from doing what he or she is good at.