Equipment File

A condition for being able to guarantee safety and health at the work place is the proper registration of the equipment, incidents, events, certificates and trainings. Intersafe provides various registration tools for this task. We will be happy to assist you in making the right choice.

Proper registration and professional management helps to prevent that problems with occupational health, safety and emergency response resources lead to risks and consequently unnecessary costs. Moreover, you are often also legally obliged to do this. With the Equipment File you keep track of the equipment and a firm grip on its management. By means of a unique identification you can quickly and easily register each and every piece of equipment and its relative activities. The system also 'guards' the use of the equipment. This may include equipment for personal protection (PPE) and first aid equipment but also the so-called building-related equipment, such as fire extinguishing systems. You can also use version and certificates management.

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