Good personal hygiene is a precondition for your employees’ welfare, but it is also essential for a high-quality production process. For this reason hygiene cannot be relegated to the bottom of the list.

Hygiene involves employees personal hygiene and hygiene around the production process. In chemicals and petrochemicals as well as in heavy industry for instance it is mainly personal hygiene that its involved. In industries including food and healthcare hygiene applies above all to the work itself. Clean employees and clean materials are a precondition for good quality work. In office environments hygiene is occasionally still an afterthought. This is a mistake: micro-organisms and other pathogens are also in evidence here, on dirty computer keyboards for instance!


Arduous working conditions can attack any skin, even that of men on the shop floor. Dryness and the effects of corrosive substance come to mind. And given that our skin is our most important barrier against pathogens, it is advisable to devote every care to it. Apart from the right choice of product it is also important that it be used correctly.
Employees can be allergic to certain products. Excessive use of a certain product can also result in irritation. Instruction is also advisable in this regard.

At Intersafe you will find a comprehensive range of products for optimum hygiene.
We carry the following brands:

  • Kimberly-Clark
  • Tork
  • BOSO/Lucart

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