Fall protection

Anyone who is responsible for safety and health at work knows how dangerous work at height can be. A small misstep can have enormous consequences. To ensure the employees' safety, it is of crucial importance to acknowledge the risks. Whether it concerns work on roofs, climbing masts or maintenance in silos: fall hazard is danger to life!

Intersafe has safety experts at its disposal who can help reduce the risks of falling, for example by means of a professional on-site inspection or the preparation of a thorough Risk Inventory and -Evaluation (RI&E). They also know smart solutions to make the situation safer which have already been proven in practice.

Collective facilities

Fall protection is divided into personal and collective fall protection. Examples of collective fall protection are placing platforms, installation of temporary railings or raising parapets. Intersafe works together with a specialist in collective fall protection which can install quickly and effectively in any location.

Vertical facilities

To safely reach higher places (for example during maintenance) the right resources are not always available. Therefore Intersafe provides climb systems and professional portable ladders and stairs. 

Individual fall protection

If collective fall protection is not possible, personal fall protection with a harness belt can be a safe alternative. You can choose from an extensive range of harness belts for different types of work. There is no such thing as standard fall protection. Every situation is different, moreover the nature of the activities also affect the measures to be taken. For a window cleaner these are completely different than for a scaffold builder. Whether it's retractable Crash pads, lifelines or hooks; Intersafe has the the tools at hand. Our sales engineers can offer you expert advice.

Education and service

Working with fall protection requires clear instructions to the user. But as such safety is not yet guaranteed. An individual training or specific education in working at height is recommended. There even is a training for 'Rescue work at height'. Fall protection must be checked and inspected annually. The specially trained inspection staff of Intersafe can do this for you. Your fall protection equipment and portable climbing equipment can also be checked by them on site. By using this Intersafe service you are assured of good and safe material. Material that is kept in excellent condition for the safety of the users!

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