Absorption material

Leaking fluids can be harmful for the environment. They can also give rise to hazardous working conditions. The correct sorbents enable you to prevent leakage and ensure that any damage is contained.

Working with the correct sorbents is a precondition for preventing fluid spillages or leaks in industrial environments, with the various attendant consequences for people, the surrounding area and the environment.

Environmental standard

If your business works with oil (storage, distribution), then PGS 15: storage of hazardous substances will apply to you. These guidelines stipulate that you must take precautions to enable you to control leaks directly. Intersafe offers you the right products for this.

ADR legislation

The European ADR2005 agreement introduces what is known as an ADR kit for liquid spills which is mandatory for carriers of hazardous goods. Intersafe has an extensive range of products for different applications. Our product range is tailored to different leakage situations and offers solutions for all industrial environments.

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