iNet offers companies that use many gas detectors an overall package that saves cost and enables work to continue uninterrupted at all times. With iNet you also have real-time reports available.

You don’t buy any detectors, but have the use of them on loan when signing up to an iNet contract. You calibrate and charge them on the docking stations included with them. Industrial Scientific looks after maintenance, almost without you noticing. Moreover with iNet you have real-time reports available, providing you with information about the status of the gas detectors, readings taken and gas incidents; on your site or at your other locations.


Safety experts at companies where gas detectors are being used, come up with comments such as:

“We are not capable of maintaining our gas detectors at the right time.”

“The costs associated with gas detector maintenance are high and unpredictable.”

“We don’t have the time to record data.”

“We don’t have a good picture of what is happening in the field.”

“It is impossible for us to handle all the warnings and instructions in the user manual.”

iNet offers your employees a safer workplace

On average the gas detectors you have on loan from iNet trigger an alarm every ten days. With iNet you will have complete information and tools to prevent problems before they occur!

iNet collects, analyses and simplifies usable data on your production locations.

Your detectors are reliable thanks to automated maintenance.


iNet saves costs

The acquisition cost is only part of the overall cost of a gas detector. Maintenance costs also need to be added. Moreover, you need to wait for periodic servicing and inspection. With iNet you will not have an unnecessary expenditure for acquisition and maintenance of gas detectors.

  • iNet ensures that you do not incur any additional cost if gas detectors cannot be deployed.
  • iNet obviates the need to procure additional detectors or incur additional expenditure for shipping or hire.
  • iNet reduces your labour costs because employees are able to carry on working.

Training users working with different brands of gas detector is costly and confusing. iNet enables the equipment to be standardised at one or more locations.

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