A healthy workplace is not a self-evident matter: hazardous substance, noise, cold or heat can affect employees’ welfare and safety. Measurements are often necessary in order to assess risks to employees correctly and to be able to adopt the correct measures.

Measurements are carried out in order to establish the ambient situation, e.g. for noise level, temperature, relative humidity or hazardous concentrations of gases and vapours. Various types of instrument can be used for this purpose such as gas detectors, alcohol testers and noise meters.

For employees working under hazardous conditions it is important to know whether their protective equipment offers adequate protection. Their state of mind and fitness must also meet the conditions required to be able to work healthily and safely. There are measuring instruments and methods available for this.


There is a range available for among others safety experts, health & safety departments, departmental heads and foremen.

Gas detection

Using a portable gas detector or gas monitor provides clarity on air quality in the working environment.

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iNet offers companies that use many gas detectors an overall package that saves cost and enables work to continue uninterrupted at all times. With iNet you also have real-time reports available.

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