Digital catalogue

Work performed with the appropriate personal protective equipment (ppe) increases safety. These ppe can be ordered from a company-specific catalogue compiled especially for you by Intersafe.

Your own catalogue is compiled on the basis of the personal protective equipment as specified by you. You can create your catalogue by department or office setting. It is also possible to link activities to specific ppe.

Reduction of order costs

Many indirect costs in the procurement process can be structurally reduced through e-business. A reduction up to 20% is the rule rather than the exception. A buyer's time is too precious to order ppe himself. If other departments take over this job, the purchasing department have their hands free for the procurement of strategic goods and a lot of profit can be made. The cost reduction is made possible by the transition to a user-friendly and well equipped electronic ordering system. Also, by standardizing the assortment many purchasing advantages can be achieved.

Prevent Order Errors

A wrong order is not only a source of irritation, it can also create an unsafe condition. Moreover, it leads to unnecessary bureaucracy. This is prevented if employees order from your own company specific catalogue. By the use of clear pictures and concise product data ordering the proper ppe is made a lot easier. Especially thanks to the advanced search engine by name or description.

Clear Overview

It is important for any organization to quickly locate information about the orders that have been made. This speed depends on the clarity of the available information. Therefore, much attention is paid to this. Thus, the ordering behaviour at every level of the chain can be made visible. Any deviations will immediately be detected.

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