My ppe kit

Would you like to introduce structure into your industrial clothing ordering methodology? Go to, the online order, management and registration system from Intersafe.

My ppe kit,, is the user-friendly management system from Intersafe that guarantees your protective clothing and personal protective equipment quality.

With this kit you keep everything together and prevent your employees from ‘shopping around’ elsewhere. My ppe kit enables you at the same time to keep an eye on your house style and your costs.
Intersafe’s online system also enables employees to order ppe themselves based on criteria you have laid down.

The benefits of this system are:

  • Oversight of what has been ordered when and by whom;
  • Budget per individual easily controllable;
  • The system can be set up by job title;
  • Employees only order pre-defined PPE;
  • Only PPE for which purchasing agreements are in place is ordered;
  • Only PPE that complies with the desired standards is ordered;
  • Only PPE (especially clothing) that complies with your organisation’s house style is ordered;
  • Extensive reporting capabilities;
  • Reduced load on your internal organisation because there are no paper order forms to be sent to employees who place orders themselves;
  • Reduced likelihood of errors.

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