The approval testing required to keep work equipment, industrial emergency response equipment and personal protective equipment (ppe) up to date generally takes up a great deal of time. Intersafe can help you do this more efficiently and to this end has entered into an online tool Matman.

If your equipment needs to be approval tested, you will automatically receive an alert by e-mail. Thereafter Intersafe will look after the approval test, the software automatically records the results. This system is pre-eminently suited to managing approval tests of (safety) equipment, such as respiratory protection, fall-arrest equipment, ladders, steps and staging, gas detection instruments, industrial emergency response equipment (such as fire-extinguishing equipment and first-aid kits) and electric hand tools. You cab also download the test report for the last approval test.

This gives you the following benefits:

  • a current snapshot of the status of all your equipment;
  • user-friendly software that can be used from any location or workstation;
  • a programme that complies with all ARBO (Health & Safety at Work) Act requirements, VCA [contractor’s QHSE checklist] and Quality system requirements;
  • Intersafe provides relief by carrying out the approval tests.

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