Account Management

Dynamism and changes are bringing about increasing focus on conscious customer relationship management. Customers expectations include consistent quality, coordination of service provision and standardisation of products and services. With Intersafe the customer is at the forefront. This involves account management being deployed in a targeted manner in order to build up, develop and actively manage a long-term relationship with customers.

Over the past few years customers’ buying power has increased sharply through collaboration, mergers and strategic alliances. As a result of this customers expect greater added value from their supplier. Globalisation and the accelerated place of innovation require a different customer approach at the same time.

Intersafe can provide an optimum service to different types of customer with a specialist team of account managers that consists of sector and regional account managers.
Sector account managers operate nationally, sector-specifically and collaborate at strategic level with a number of (leading) customers with whom they maintain a close relationship. Based on their sector and market knowledge they can offer these customers clear-cut added value. A regional account manager is responsible for the same operations, but has a larger portfolio of customers and a delimited geographical area.

Intersafe invests in long-term relationships with customers. This is an on-going process that requires an organisation in which intensive cooperation takes place in-house at various levels and in several corporate divisions. Account managers invest proactively in relationships with customers and work jointly with them towards process optimisation. This involves, among other things, optimising logistics processes, invoicing and payments, procurement processes and the range, moreover the our account managers’ focus is on guaranteeing safety on the shop floor. Intersafe has a variety of management tools and can help customers cut back on total cost of ownership (TCO). This is based on comprehensive management reporting and an action plan (the account plan) which the account manager reviews with the customer. Due in part to this account plan Intersafe can offer customers actual added value.

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