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The specifications with which personal protective equipment (ppe) must comply are laid down by job title or task, based on a specific RI&E.

Choosing the type of personal protective   equipment   (ppe) and the way in which it must be used will depend on various factors:

  • the seriousness of the hazard, the duration and frequency of exposure;
  • environmental characteristics;
  • the user’s contribution;
  • matching the various types of ppe if they are to be worn simultaneously;
  • possible uses and quality requirements for the item of ppe;
  • possible users and the level of protection that can be achieved with the ppe.

Risk assessment

A good health and safety policy starts with a systematic survey of potential risks to your employees welfare, health and safety.

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Task risk analysis

To ensure the safety of employees, employers are required to identify and evaluate the dangers of work. The Risk Inventory and -Evaluation (RI&E) describes the processes and activities within the organization.
To get a picture of the risks which belong to a specific task or activity, a task risk analysis (tra) is performed.

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Risk identification is a specialized skill. A true speciality.

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