Footwear and Workwear fitting service

Not only does Intersafe offer the right safety equipment, it also offers a facility for size-dependent protection equipment to be fitted individually.

Companies spend a great deal of money every year to guarantee their employees’ safety and protect them while they are working in the production process. Working safely under all circumstances with the correct personal protective equipment is therefore a shared interest for employers and employees. The greatest amount spent on personal protective equipment procurement is on safety footwear and protective clothing in tailored sizes. But some PPE is size-dependent and can only be deployed safely and properly if it is dispensed with care: ‘suitable’ for the individual user. Items that come to mind in this regard are safety eyewear, individually fitted hearing protection (custom earplugs), safety footwear and protective clothing. Not only does Intersafe supply the right PPE, but at the same time it offers the facility for this size-dependent equipment to be fitted individually. Intersafe’s fitting service offers a comprehensive package for issuing protective clothing, fitting, recording, reordering and managing, with the following benefits:
Fewer complaints
Fewer exchanges
High acceptance level
Personal attention
Less (non-current) stock
Better records
Brand-independent advice based on specific wishes and requirements.
Safeguarding your safety policy on clothing including records
You will have fewer suppliers to deal with which means there will be no more costly, non-standard procurement processes. It also prevents your employees from going ‘shopping’ themselves during working time. Not only does this increase uniformity and safety, it also reduces in-house costs.

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