Safety and Computer glasses

Prescripted safety and computer glasses for optimal fit and comfort for every employee.

Intersafe has a wide range of eye protection equipment, including safety spectacles to the individual wearer’s prescription. These glasses, known as RX glasses, boast optimum fit and comfort for the wearer, as well as complying with the European standard EN166 for safety eyewear.                                                                                                 

The severity of the hazard, the frequency of exposure and the conditions of the job of every employee define in particular the lifetime of the safety glasses. Scratches at lenses can appear and the material may age due to exposure to UV radiation and other conditions, thereby reducing the protective effect.
Article 8.3 of the Working Conditions Decree states that the proper functioning of a means of personal protection such as safety glasses, their replacement needs to take place. The description of Intersafe safety glasses states a 3 year lifetime. Besides it is recommanded to have a eye test every year, the ensure the correct sight.
You can have eye-testing and ordering prescription safety glasses for your employees on location or at one of the 800 service points out of our network.     

  • On location: At your request one of our sales engineers will visit your company to carry out an assessment for RX safety glasses (eye test, advice on frames, PD measurement) and to dispense them.        
  • At our Service Points: Intersafe has an extensive network of optician shops in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The ensure registration of the safety and computer glasses and to give easily insight in the necessary replacement of the glasses, we offer you the Employee Safety Manager. This tool gives you insight at wearers level about who has which glasses, does it comply to the you stated norm, shoudl it be replaced and whether it is actually ordered. Moreover the Employee Safety Manager enables all parties within the chain to follow and execute the complete process efficient and online. This portal allows you to easily compliant in terms of safety eyewear.

  • The orders are always in line with your stated specifications
  • The purchaser and the wearer will be automatically informed about the progress of the production
  • Cost reduction and proces optimization by less proceedings and a digital flow with a electronical approval proces

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