Product Evaluation

Intersafe evaluates in close consultation with customers whether our products and/or services continue to meet requirements. This is how we intend to guarantee end-user satisfaction. Only then can Intersafe make its motto a reality: “The best personal protective equipment is that which is worn”

Intersafe is a professional partner for (on-going) optimisation of personal protective equipment policy. We support the customer throughout the entire process: from selection, use, cleaning, maintenance up to and including ultimate evaluation of personal protective equipment. Procuring systems and products required to protect employees in the course of their work is a significant investment: it promotes the safety of people and their environment. It is of great importance throughout the entire period that PPE is used, to check and evaluate periodically whether the products chosen still meet the end-user’s stated requirements.

Intersafe attaches a great deal of value to this conducting this evaluation jointly with customers. We have developed various capabilities for this purpose: from tailor-made survey forms to on-line capabilities.

Important question for evaluation include:

  • Have there been any complaints or comments about the system or product?
  • Does the system or product provide adequate protection? Aspects that come to mind in this regard are incidents or accidents where protective equipment was being used.
  • Have the risks changed, as a result of which a different product or system is needed? Assessment by means of an RI&E:
  • Has the organisation or the production process changed?
  • Have the regulations changed, as a result of which a different system or product is needed?
  • Have the product standards changed, as a result of which products or systems need to be replaced?

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