Laws and regulations

Personal protective equipment (PPE) must comply with the European and national regulations for quality, selection, use and maintenance.

To which requirements protective shoes need to comply?

In virtually all industries, there are risks for foot injuries as a result of accidents. Examples are: foot injuries by pinching hazard, sharp objects or nails in construction materials lying around on the site.

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Harness Suspension Trauma

When working at height with a harness belt buckle another danger in addition to falling can arise, namely Harness Suspension Trauma.

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Optical radiation and eye protection

In virtually every working environment people are exposed to optical radiation. What are the risks and what types of eye-protective equipment can be applied.

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Increasing influence of ISO standards in Europe

Significant change in the field of respiratory protection. In a world of increasing globalization over the last few years there is a strong increase of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards.

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