Safety Expertise

Training and education Safe and healthy working conditions are essential for the continuity of your business. Therefore you spend time on (safety) training which is obligatory to perform a specific part of the work, such as a certificate for SCC, First Aid, forklift driver or Gas Measuring. It can also involve training to keep employees informed and instructed about the risks they face in their work, such as toolbox meetings, working safely at heights, working safely in confined spaces and safe behaviour in the workplace.

Practice shows that organizations sometimes have difficulty in managing this process properly. It is not always clear which employees are trained or if refresher training has taken place.
In larger organizations with multiple locations purchases are often made locally, due to which the overview might be less and the costs could be unnecessarily high. Intersafe can assist you in increasing the safety and health in your organization.
We take the management and execution of the (safety) training out of your hands with two major advantages:

  1. By full warranty the safety in the workplace is increased
  2. Through central management and procurement, operating costs are reduced. Intersafe developed a practical step by step approach for the management of (safety) training :


Step 1: Overview - Draft a summary of various functions within the organization to provide a good insight of matters.

Step 2: Risk Analysis - Investigate per function which tasks are performed and which risks are involved (task risk analysis).

Step 3: Need / urgency - Based on the risk analysis we determine the training needs and the urgency for each function in consultation with you.

Step 4: Education and Training - It is known for each function which training should be followed. Where possible, these courses are provided by Intersafe. In some cases, collaboration partners are deployed. It is also possible to work with suppliers selected by you. In that case Intersafe handles the operational agreements.

Step 5: Reporting - Tailored to your requirements, you will receive periodic management reporting of the performed / still to be performed training, certificates of participants and the progress with regard to the budget. Training There is a wide range of education and training for both managers and employees. From courses for Prevention officers / advisers or Occupational Health Advisers / Coordinators, to training for safe working at height.
From information for managers on complaints related to CANS to Corporate Rescue training. The training program can be divided into two main groups: training and information sessions which are related to our products and job-related training (with certificate).