Dutch awearness and corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of the main priorities of Dutch awearness and Intersafe.

Dutch awearness

Dutch awearness is a textile company that focuses on fashion and workwear. It develops eco-effective innovations and acts as a circular chain manager. Guided by the principles of circular economy, the products of Dutch awearness are designed to be reused endlessly. In the circular economy 20% is based on the product and 80% is based on managing the process. With support from the European Union, Dutch awearness created the EcoProFabrics concept. This concept is based on the idea to create clothing with synthetic fiber which is 100% recyclable. 

This workwear is not inferior to existing clothing lines in terms of safety and pricing. Part of the concept is a comprehensive return system to collect workwear, when it is at the end of its existence. A shredder grinds the fabric, the fibers will be melted,
sprayed and spunned into yarn. Then the cycle can start over again. EcoProFabrics includes a Circular Content Management System that illustrates each step accurately in the chain.

Infra-line® clothing

In cooperation with Dutch awearness and manufacturer Tricorp, Intersafe has developed items for the Infra-line® workwear. These items are high visibility workwear which can be recycled for more than 80%.

Intersafe and Corporate Social Responsibility

In 2015 the first CSR report was published. Every year there will be published an update. .In this CSR reports Intersafe informs the stakeholders, including her customers, about the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPI) on CSR area.
At the headquarters of Intersafe they:

  • work with LED lighting;
  • use less and more economical printers;
  • have replaced plastic coffee cups by a more sustainable solution.

Furthermore in 2014 Intersafe already managed to reduce the number of lorry movements at its distribution centers by 75%. Intersafe is on the right track and continuously optimizes its processes to work as social responsible as possible.

Learn more about CSR?

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