Corporate social responsibility and sustainable development

Intersafe is in the business of occupational safety and health, providing services and products that protect labourers against occupational risks. While being able to support companies in complying with their corporate social responsibility (CSR), Intersafe has a CSR responsibility of its own as well. The CSR policy is an integral part of our ISO 9001 system, incorporating sets of objectives, reporting systems and corrective actions programs. The ISO integration ensures that the CSR policy will be annually reviewed and updated. Annually a set of KPI's is set by the Executive Team to ensure progress.

The responsibility to implement the CSR policy, is shared by several disciplines in our company. For example, the purchasing department is responsible for social compliance in our supply chain, while the categorymanagers are active in defining the so called green series product line. We believe CSR is best served once responsibilities are shared by several management team members, thus integrating CSR into our core operations in stead of isolating the subject within disciplines such as risk management or quality management.

Our CSR policy is laid down in four chapters:

  • Chapter 1 : Sustainability in our supply chain
  • Chapter 2 : Sustainability in our own, daily operations
  • Chapter 3 : Green Series label to drive PPE Industry
  • Chapter 4 : Future steps in CSR policy.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions left about our sustainability.

Dutch awearness and corporate social responsibility

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