Logistic organization

Intersafe has the experience, expertise and distribution system to deliver the right product in the right place anywhere in Europe. We provide a sophisticated logistics system with stock management in one central location. Therewith Intersafe ensures that customers can optimize their distribution and we contribute as all-round logistics partner to the success of their operational performance.

The Intersafe distribution centres have a combined storage capacity of 27,000 m² of which 15,000 m² in the Netherlands and 12,000 m² in France.

We process a total of 55,000 order lines (16,000 orders) per month. This results in approximately 20,000 customer deliveries per month. In addition, Intersafe delivers approximately 24,000 person bound ppe packages per year. These packages consist of for example a pair of shoes, pants, T-shirts and a tailored jacket. All with a company logo and delivered to business or home address in the name of the employee.

The organization of our distribution system, the computerization of the whole process and infrastructure ensure maximum flexibility. This allows us to quickly change gear as demands of customers increase. Intersafe can also assist customers who have specific logistical questions, for instance about loading or delivering on pre arranged dates.

Our partners, DHL Benelux and Calberson and EXAPAQ in France have an intricate national network for package transport which can carry any volume, even when it comes to specific shipments. Partly because of this they guarantee the promised delivery times. Package Shipments can be followed by tracing.

The distribution centre in the Netherlands is located in Dordrecht and in France in Saint-Quentin Fallavier (Nord-Isère):
- More than 15.000 articles in stock
- 70 trained employees to quickly handle the orders and print the clothing
- Partly automated order processing (FR)
- Inventory in WMS and stock movements via RF
- A quality control system at receipt and departure of the goods