Weld- and face protection shield

Welding is risky work. The welder is stuck with the face close to the work. Bright light, radiation, heat and smoke are also freed during that work.

Face Protection is particularly focused on protection of eyes and face during different types of work. A good example is working with electricity because there is a risk of an electric arc that may occur with a short circuit. That is precisely why good protection, such as a helmet, it is so important.


Electricians do different work, but they have the same risks as welders risk: injury to

the face and especially the eyes. Good protection is essential to be able to work.


Three standards are discerned at welding :

• EN175

The standard for eye and face protection during welding and related processes; this standard applies for other welding masks and welding screens being

• EN 169

The standard for welding filters and related techniques; this standard applies for other weld windows

• EN 379

The standard for automatic weld windows (ADF is Auto Darkening Filter)

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