Foot protection

Feet are vulnerable. Under normal circumstances, they all need protection, let alone in hazardous work environments. There is danger from all sides. Think of a falling tool, slippery surfaces, liquid chemicals or electrical charge. If only for those reasons, optimal foot protection is important.

In footwear, comfort also plays a major role. In fact, a person wearing this should hardly notice. During long days and under extreme circumstances footwear should remain comfortable to wear.

Since 1995, safety shoes are always CE type tested according to the current European standards. This is subject to the specifications of the standard EN ISO 20345 and all amendments thereto.

There are also two other standards:

Standards for testing: footwear is extensively tested and tried. That is your quality guarantee. The test methods are defined in the standard EN ISO 20344 and the amendments thereto (the current EN ISO 20344:2011).

Standards for slip resistance: the requirements for the slip resistance of the soles are determined by the ISO 20345 (46/47):2011. These will be determined in accordance with EN ISO 20344:2011, based on the test method from the standard EN ISO 13287:2007.

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