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Protective clothing

Clothing protects us against all possible influences from the outside. Cold, heat, rain or sunshine. The more risk are brought with the influences, the degree of protection becomes increasingly important. Intersafe has a wide range of work- and safety clothing for different circumstances.

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Weld- and face protection shield

Welding is risky work. The welder is stuck with the face close to the work. Bright light, radiation, heat and smoke are also freed during that work.

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Eye Protection

Around 600 people worldwide contract eye injuries during their work each day. This is done under very different circumstances, even in those cases where it is not expected.

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Hearing Protection

The human ear is designed to be able to absorb natural sounds. Because people developed equipment and did inventions, the sound spectrum expanded with a wide range of unnatural sounds that the ear can not properly process. The sensory cells (stereocilia) in the ear degenerate if they are repeatedly exposed to excessive noise. The sensory cells that remained can only transfer part of the sound information. Therefore, a permanent hearing loss is a fact. In the popular speech this is called deafness by noise.

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Head Protection

Wherever head injuries may occur, the safety helmet or bump cap will be in the picture. The use of a safety helmet or a bump cap is not tied to specific occupations or working methods. The only criterion is: the risk factors in the workplace itself. Anyone who comes to the workplace, need to wear the prescribed head protection.

An industrial safety helmet is a personal protective equipment that protects the head against a large number of hazards which occur either by themselves or in multiple combinations.

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Hand Protection

Our hands are vulnerable. Hands are the primary contact with the work. Think of lathes, welding, grabbing something sharp, etc. There is a good reason that Intersafe has a wide range of protective gloves.

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Foot protection

Feet are vulnerable. Under normal circumstances, they all need protection, let alone in hazardous work environments. There is danger from all sides. Think of a falling tool, slippery surfaces, liquid chemicals or electrical charge. If only for those reasons, optimal foot protection is important.

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Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection is in the highest class for personal protective equipment. The air we breathe must be as clean as possible. Even the smallest dust particles can cause considerable damage. Think of the danger of asbestos. Furthermore gases and vapours in the environment are serious risks to health. If insufficient measures are taken, acute poisoning can occur in the short term and a serious disease in the long run. The presence of hazardous substances in the air is therefore seen as a big risk. That is why all respiratory protection products are classified in the PPE-class 3, the class with the greatest risk.

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